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Some part of you has been "called" or you wouldn't be reading this now. Perhaps you are called to becoming a Conscious Spiritual leader (minister) or Conscious Spiritual Leader, Conscious Business Leader. There are many people worldwide just like you looking for another way. An authentic way of being in their work, profession or company. Evolve U has three paths of study to achieve 'conscious leadership'.


Conscious Spiritual Leader:

If you are passionate about spirituality then join a group of like-minded people exploring spiritual leadership (called minister in the old world)

 The Conscious Spiritual Leadership Path at a Glance

  • Emphasis on critical, independent thinking
  • Exploration of truth within each religious tradition
  • Close interaction with superb faculty
  • Extensive mentoring at all stages of the program
  • Amazing "Living Laboratory" of experience 
  • A Close-knit, energetic community 

Those who are being called to spiritual leadership today are discovering that there has been an evolutionary shift in human religious life. That shift is a move away from religious doctrine, dogma and blind faith toward one that incorporates the inner search for Truth, experiential knowledge, and where science and metaphysics truly supports these experiences. This new path is called interspiritual.

This Conscious Spiritual Leadership study track brings wisdom from ancient traditions to the spotlight, not just their history, but the inspiration from many who traveled the path thousands of years ago. It emphasizes the experience of contemplative practice,  includes the study at the intersection of science, and spirituality that sparks the inquiry into the Divine play!

Conscious Business Leader:

Today's business environment is a continuously changing landscape. At Evolve U we take a religious-neutral but spiritually active path to business truths and combine them with ancient wisdom to discover your true leadership essence.

Our "living laboratory" integrates an in-class exploration of you and your leadership skills with firsthand observation by other conscious business leaders. These timely and relevant processes provide the opportunities to mold your special approach to life with your inner knowing. 

These experiences are offered in both one-day and multi-day duration. If you are looking for an inspirational introduction to approaches within a specific leadership subject area, our one-day courses are designed for you. If you are looking for a more comprehensive and holistic immersion that can help you begin to make actionable adaptations within your organization, our multi-day courses are the ideal experience.

Explore our course topics below and see how we can help you transform the way you think about your customer experience, no matter your business.

Conscious Spiritual Coach: 

The calling of Conscious Spiritual Coach comes to those who are willing to see more in others than they see in themselves and assist them on their journey of destiny. The spiritual coach gives each individual client the tools to set, track, measure and achieve their spiritual and life goals. The most powerful aspect of coaching is the ability to deeply listen and to use intuitive insight to assist people in moving in the direction of their heart. This track leads to  certification and licensing as a Spiritual Coach. If you are called to the Coaching path then follow this link to more details.

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